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When it comes to Soft Skills Training, iDigiSol Training offers a wide range of courses for you to choose from. From Finance Essentials all the way to Managing Conflict, we have got all the Soft Skills Training you could possibly need. Besides expanding your knowledge, your people and business skills will improve like never before. When it comes to work, having good interaction skills is a very important aspect to have. Choose from the courses below to get started with your Soft Skills Training.

Finance Essentials

Finance Essentials will provide an overview of the basics of finance in business
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Problem Solving

You will investigate strategies to help you clearly define your problem, determine and present your solution, and monitor the results.
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Effective Management

You will explore the fundamental concepts of effective management
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Developing and Presenting Successful Training for Non-Training Professionals

You will develop and present successful training
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Effective Time Management

You will identify effective time-management strategies
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Negotiating Skills

You will perform the basic steps in a business negotiation
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Managing Conflict

You will identify the sources of conflict and how to manage conflict effectively
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Customer Service via Phone and Email

You will practice skills and apply principles for providing customer service remotely, via telephone and the web.
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Emotional Intelligence

You will evaluate your current emotional intelligence abilities and apply strategies to improve your emotional intelligence
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Interviewing Skills

You will examine guidelines and strategies for making effective hiring decisions
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Effective Facilitation Skills

You will identify methods of effectively facilitating meetings and group work sessions
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Marketing Essentials

You will develop strategic and tactical skills to create, execute, and evaluate a marketing plan
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Customer Service

You will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions
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Sales Negotiation

You will apply sales negotiation strategies when interacting with customers to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome
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