Google Courses

Google Adwords Part1

In this course, you will create a Google AdWords account and run a basic marketing campaign.
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Google Adwords Part2

In this course, you will optimize Google AdWords campaigns
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Google Adwords Part3

In this course you will analyze campaign performance and improve ad and site quality to improve performance and results.
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Google Analytics

In this course, you will implement Google Analytics and perform analysis by using standard reports
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Google™ Analytics for Businesses

You will describe the basics of Google Analytics and its applications
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Google™ AdWords for Businesses

You will create an AdWords account, run an ad campaign, and track the performance of ads
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Using Google Drive™ and Productivity Apps

In this course, you will use your knowledge of productivity tools to work productively in the cloud-based Google Apps environment.
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Google™ Apps for Businesses

You will communicate and collaborate with others using the various applications in Google Apps.
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